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Saturday February 8th 2020

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Servcorp!

Servcorp is a global provider of flexible office spaces, and has been at the forefront of the shared-office business for more than four decades with 160 locations across the globe. In Singapore itself, there are choices for five prestige offices - CapitaGreen, Six Battery Road, Marina Bay Financial Centre, The Metropolis and Suntec. Servcorp offers total flexibility with their month-by-month memberships.

All DO members will receive the following benefits to the services in Singapore:

●     Free trial for 30 days on the Virtual Office Package - Click here for more info

●     20% discount on the Virtual Office Package (only valid in combination with a 12-month contract)

●     Buy 1 hour meeting room space and get 1 hour free

●     10% discount on co-working packages (only valid in combination with a 12-month contract) - Click here for more info

●     1 day co-working pass for free


What is a virtual office?
A Virtual Office allows small and medium businesses to benefit from all the advantages of a prestigious address, landline phone numbers and team support without committing to dedicated office space. Office expenses are minimised while the business retains the impression of a traditional high cost office and infrastructure. Professionals can work from home, or their clients, or suburban offices, and still have the reputation that only a city centre address can bring. Research shows that customers expect to see an address on marketing materials, and a home or post office address just doesn't cut it. Many entrepreneurs and independent professionals make the mistake of relying on a mobile number for their contacts to call. Even today, most callers will not leave a message on a voicemail and won't call back if the number is busy. A Virtual Office can include a landline number, answered by a real person not a machine, who can take a message or forward the call as required. A Servcorp Virtual Office brings not only an address and phone number but also team and IT support when needed, and access to their global network of amazing work spaces. More info here.

Who can benefit from using a virtual office?
A Virtual Office's flexibility and wide range of benefits mean that it allows many businesses to grow their sales, for example:

  • People just starting business who don't want to use their home address and mobile number on their documents
  • Professionals who work out of their clients' offices and yet still need to maintain an independent marketing identity
  • Businesses expanding into new cities or countries
  • Companies that know they can serve different geographies yet need to show their interest there to win business
  • Operators who need a receptionist or admin support however can't justify going to the risk, expense and hassle of hiring an employee
  • Sales teams who spend most of the day at prospects' offices but who need a safe and productive space to work between meetings
  • Global travellers who need consistent premium offices and support in the world's most dynamic cities
  • Anyone who wants to have a 5-star corporate presence without the multi million dollar spend that it requires

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