Growing your business: From Prospects to Promotors

18/06/2020 10AM (SGT)


If you have followed the first session you now know how to turn Strangers into Prospects. During this session we're sharing the ins and outs on how to grow your business by turning your customers into your promotors

Harness the Power of Video Marketing

16/06/2020 10AM (SGT)


Video is by far the most popular form of online content, because it creates a direct connection with the audience and generates high engagement. Used well, it can make a real difference in your marketing strategy and increase conversions for your products and services. Tune in and walk away with practical tips and advice for your business.

Generating Leads: From Strangers to Prospects

11/06/2020 10AM (SGT)


Learn more about generating leads for your business at this DO Learning Marketing session.

Virtual DO Learning - SEO

04/06/2020 1PM (SGT)


Who doesn't want to be ranked first on Google? Learn the ins and out of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at this DO Learning Marketing event!

Virtual DO Learning: How to start and structure your social media channels

28/04/2020 4PM


Go from good to great with your digital marketing campaigns!

Want to build a digital presence for your business but don’t know where to start? Want to learn something new while staying at home during this period? Join this online expert sharing session!

Virtual DO MeetUp: How are you coping with the impact of COVID-19?

21/04/2020 10AM


Independent Doer sharing session related to the COVID-19 situation. How are we all dealing with this and what can we learn from each other? What are ways to keep on motivating ourselves? DO Virtual MeetUps are a way to stay connected with each other and make new connections.