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Tuesday July 16th 2019

We are launching our Featured Doers page soon and are inviting all Independent Doers to nominate themselves and other Independent Doers.

So what is this Featured Doers page about?

Lots of Independent Doers - Start-uppers, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, struggle to get the attention and awareness needed to grow their business. We want to do something about that. We want to support you on your journey. So, we offer you free exposure on our site at the same time as we give you the opportunity to connect with fellow Independent Doers. All for free. 

Who can be featured?

All Independent Doers - Start-Uppers, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. You can nominate yourself and your own business; or you can nominate someone who could need that extra exposure and awareness. 

What does it mean to be featured?

You get the opportunity to be featured with your:

  • Company name
  • Location
  • Business sector
  • Company logo or team photo
  • Website or social media link
  • Brief intro to your business and the problem you solve

And yes, it's all for free. 

The top 5 reasons why you want to be featured?

  1. You are an Independent Doer striving to build or develop your business. 
  2. You are looking for exposure & awareness.
  3. For free (This is just one of our ways to support you as an Independent Doer).
  4. Getting the chance to win a featured article and photo shoot
  5. Speaking opportunities at our events for the community favourites. (Leading to further exposure and awareness).

Wait... a Featured Article including a Photo Shoot?

Yeah, pretty cool huh! You can vote for your favourite Doer - or business; and others can vote for you. The community selects the favourite who will be spotlighted and get that extra moment of fame! 

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