Benefits of using a shared office space

Thursday February 20th 2020

In this day and age, we are all in need of flexible solutions. Businesses, from freelancers to large established corporations, are increasingly looking for flexible work spaces to manage costs, accommodate changes in team sizes and fulfil other needs.
There are plenty of other reasons why using a co-working/shared office space is beneficial to you:

Networking and community events
There are tons of events organised every day and many of these events happen in shared office spaces! Joining a shared office space allows you to be plugged into a wide network locally and even internationally, where you can learn, share and hear from other business owners. Additionally, you might be able to find more business opportunities by tapping into these networks. By meeting more new people, you can also find potential collaborators, establish strategic partnerships and grow your business in new ways. 

If you are working independently or part of a small team working remotely, it is easy to feel lonely or even unmotivated. Being in a co-working space allows you to socialise, learn, share and even gain new insights from others. 

Different types of spaces based on your needs
Co-working spaces offer a wide range of spaces, including hot desks, dedicated co-working desks, private offices and even virtual offices. There are also common areas where you can take breaks or hold casual meetings. You can choose where to work based on your mood and needs at any time of the day. More importantly, co-working spaces provide conducive environments where you can focus on your work whenever you need to. Working from cafes can be fun but it can also get too distracting if it is too noisy. There are also spaces catered to specific communities such as fitness and wellness co-working space, Core Collective, where fitness professionals can rent spaces to provide fitness services. 

Flexibility and cost savings
You no longer have to be beholden to long term contracts for office spaces. Many shared office spaces offer monthly subscriptions which you can cancel or change anytime to suit your needs. This will definitely help to reduce your operating costs. You can even work from different spaces with a plan like the Doerscircle Officepass (powered by Workbuddy), which allows you access to 30+ spaces located in different parts of Singapore.

Global access
Many shared office space providers such as Servcorp offer access to all their locations around the world. Servcorp has 160+ locations globally, allowing you to do business anywhere and get work done, if you need to, when you’re travelling. 

Credibility and Professionalism
Research has shown that 90% of potential customers put more emphasis on a business having an address or phone number that is local to them than on marketing or advertising activities. They are also six times more likely to reach out to an organisation which has a local landline and mobile than those that do not.* Shared office spaces like our partner Servcorp provides a local address and landline to their clients. Having a proper office address and conducive spaces where you can hold meetings with your clients also helps you appear more professional.

If you are looking for a work space, check out our partnerships with Servcorp and Workbuddy! With so many options available, we are sure you will be able to find your ideal work space! :)

*Statistics referenced from Servcorp.

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