Wednesday December 4th 2019

 In response to the changing workforce and new ways of working, even corporate companies are re-inventing themselves in order to attract and retain talents. This is evident from key trends, namely – the transition from hierarchical to flat organisation structures, from fixed to flexible working hours, and from working in the office to working anywhere. 


Co-working spaces are gaining popularity on a global level as they offer attractive alternative working arrangements. And moving from one co-working space to another is made easier today through solutions such as Doerscircle’ Officepass (Lite & Unlimited), powered by Workbuddy, which allows members easy access to co-working spaces across different locations through monthly membership plans. 

Even big, well-established companies are realising that in order to attract and retain talents in today’s world, they would have to re-invent themselves and move away from traditional structures. 

Standard Chartered engaged WeWork to design and run one of their offices in Hong Kong, with the objective of fostering innovative thinking, networking and learning amongst its staff. Transforming the workplace from a traditional, corporate environment typical of a financial institution into a more laid-back setting similar to a co-working space speaks volumes about Standard Chartered’s efforts to embrace the workplace of the future. 


Interestingly, multiple studies show increased productivity and job satisfaction as a result of these trends. As such, countries around the world are beginning to take concrete steps in efforts to improve workers’ welfare and productivity. For instance, a new legislation in 2020 will allow employees in Finland to decide when and where they work for at least half of their working hours. Australia and the UK are also adopting more agile work arrangements. 


Changing the workplace culture and physical environment is no easy feat and it begins with recognising that we all work differently. As more millennials enter the workforce, it is important for governments and corporates to start adopting new modes of working and to move in the direction as set by Independent Doers. 

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