Friday November 8th 2019

Independent Doers actively choose independent work over traditional employment as they want better opportunities to apply their skills, to make an impact, and to have the flexibility of structuring their work based on their goals. Those who are highly skilled could even earn more when working independently. 


As their work is purpose-driven, having fixed work structures (e.g. regular locations and hours) is not as important as working towards their goals. In fact, many Independent Doers put in longer hours despite flexible schedules. 


With millennials soon becoming a major part of the workforce, it is no surprise that this new way of working is becoming increasingly popular. Millennials are bringing with them new attitudes and values to the workforce. To them, work is not just about making ends meet – it is about personal identity, purpose, and growth. 


Since stability is no longer a priority, more are breaking away to chart their own paths. For instance, those with creative talent are pursuing their passions and taking on less conventional careers in industries such as the arts, media and entertainment. In these industries, it makes sense to be involved in multiple projects on a freelance basis, in order to build up good portfolios and networks. Even for those with more traditional full-time jobs, they are likely to work for multiple employers throughout their careers instead of sticking to one job. 

And for those who find purpose in helping to make a change in the world, having the freedom to innovate, push boundaries and take action would naturally appeal to them and put them on the path towards becoming entrepreneurs. 

Ultimately, being an Independent Doer is really a mindset rather than a type of employment. With shifting values and attitudes already happening in the workforce, we will be seeing more and more people adopting this mindset and making the transition to independent work.  

What are some of the reasons why you have chosen Independent work? 

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